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5 Upcoming Code Editors that May Challenge the Supremacy of Visual Studio Code

Interesting code editors that might replace Visual Studio Code for you in 2023!

Well, 2022 is coming to an end.

We featured new remarkable code editors being released for Linux, starting from Lite XL, to options like Pulsar and more.

So, to commemorate that, I have compiled this list of upcoming code editors for Linux that have a strong chance of challenging the supremacy of Visual Studio Code.

Let me take you through it.

1. Pulsar


Pulsar is a community-led open-source code editor aiming to replace the famous Atom code editor.

It uses the same code base as Atom with an open-source back-end (thanks to reverse engineer work) and updated dependencies.

They have plans to improve upon it in the near future.

Pulsar: A Community-Led Open Source Code Editor to Continue the Legacy of Atom
Pulsar aims to be a replacement for Atom users, and could challenge Visual Studio code as its development progresses further.

It is available to download from the official website, but do keep in mind that it is in its early development stages.

2. Atom Community

atom community

Also rising from the ashes of the now-defunct Atom editor, 'Atom Community' is a project meant to take over the concepts and ideas of its predecessor.

They aim to get started by providing the most essential features and making it on par with the functionality available in the atom-ide-ui package.

It has the potential to be something more, but in its current form, I would not suggest this to new users right now. They have a slightly different long-term goal when compared to Pulsar, which makes it another project worth taking a look at.

But, for 2023, things could be different.

Still, those who like an adventure can build it using the source code.

3. Lapce


A lightweight and fast open-source code editor?

That is what Lapce is!

It is a Rust-based open-source code editor that focuses on providing such an experience.

We covered it when it was in the pre-alpha stage, but in 2023 it can be something to watch out for.

Lapce is a Fast, Lightweight Open-Source Code Editor in Making
Lapce is an open-source code editor built in Rust. It is in its early stages of development, but looks promising!

4. Zed

zed breadcrumbs

Zed is an upcoming code editor aiming to challenge VS Code's dominance.

It is set to feature many features, such as Real-time collaboration, a minimal interface, code actions, a command palette, and more.

In fact, Atom's founder, Nathan Sobo is behind this and has termed this as the 'spiritual successor' to Atom.

5. Lite XL

lite xl

Lite XL is an open-source code editor written in Lua, and only uses three megabytes of storage and around twenty megabytes of RAM. (compared to VS Code's ~550 MB).

It could be to your liking if you were looking for a completely minimal code editor.

You can get it right now from the official website, it receives regular updates, and you can expect the same to be true in 2023.

Well, this is the end of this list and the year 2022. 😃

I may have missed some code editors, and I know you will let me know in the comments section. Feel free to share your thoughts!

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