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FOSS Weekly #22.35: Linux Crossword, EuroLinux, GNOME 43, Files and Directories

You get the promised Linux crossword in this edition along with all other elements.

Linux is not magic. It's 'sudo' science.

That's funny. Want something else entertaining? How about a crossword?

As promised in the previous edition of FOSS Weekly, we have created a crossword for you. This one is focused on various desktop environments and window managers.

You can also get it in the .ipuz file format and play the crossword interactively with GNOME Crosswords application.

Since this is our first attempt at the crossword, it is far from perfect. Your feedback is welcome. Is it too easy? Too complicated? Boring? Amazing?

Let's see what else you have here.

💬 In this week's issue:

  • Files, directories and paths: Get the basics right
  • News round-up: What's happening in the Linux world
  • Crossword: Oh! I already share it above
  • And the regular newsletter elements like trivia, memes, deals, etc.
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