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FOSS Weekly #23.04: Flatpak vs Snap, Rust CLI Tools, Zsh, Wine 8.0 and More

Rust CLI tools, Zsh and a Bash tutorial series for Spanish speaking Linux users.

Did you know that It's FOSS has a dedicated section of Linux resources in the Spanish language?

And recently, my Mexican friend Marco helped create a Bash Scripting course in Spanish.

To help people learn and use Linux in their mother tongue, we plan on translating our work into more languages. Portuguese is our next target and with the help of volunteers, you should see a Portuguese section on the website soon.

Let's move on to what you get in this edition of FOSS Weekly.

💬 In this week's issue:

  • Rust based CLI tools to enhance your Linux terminal experience
  • GNOME shell running on mobile (video)
  • WINE 8.0
  • And more Linux news, videos and memes

🗞 Linux News Round-up

Here is the selected news from the Linux world:

Wine 8.0 Stable Release is Here!
It gets better to run Windows applications on Linux with Wine 8.0!

🧠 What we’re thinking about

It turns out there is more to the LastPass security breach incident than what was let on initially back in November. They recently updated their blog post with new revealing information.

Our Response to a Recent Security Incident- GoTo
Rust programming language was created by Mozilla. In 2019, Mozilla laid off the entire Rust team. The core developers formed Rust Foundation. Today, Rust is the only language other than C which is used in the development of the Linux kernel. 

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✨Fresh at It's FOSS

Rust-powered tools for the terminal? Here are some of the best options as alternatives to some popular command-line tools!

14 Rust Tools for Linux Terminal Dwellers
Rust-powered tools for the terminal? Here are some of the best options as alternatives to some popular command-line tools!

What's the difference between Flatpak and Snap? Here's the answer from the end user's perspective.

Flatpak vs. Snap: 10 Differences You Should Know
Flatpak vs Snap, know the differences and gain insights as a Linux user to pick the best.

Want a cool-looking Linux terminal? Give Zsh a try.

Install and Setup ZSH on Ubuntu Linux
Want a cool looking Linux terminal? Try Zsh. Learn how to set up Zsh on Ubuntu Linux with Oh My Zsh.

🐧Linux learning resources

New to grep? This grep cheat sheet will help you to remember the common grep command options.

📺 What we are watching

Ex elementary OS co-founder Cassidy James shared a video of GNOME Shell running on a smartphone. It has a few tweaks here and there, with the main highlight being that it is running the experimental branch of GNOME Shell.

📱Application highlights

Monitorets is a cute system monitor tool for Linux.

GitHub - jorchube/monitorets
Contribute to jorchube/monitorets development by creating an account on GitHub.

If you are into C coding, you'll find it interesting.

GitHub - xoreaxeaxeax/movfuscator: The single instruction C compiler
The single instruction C compiler. Contribute to xoreaxeaxeax/movfuscator development by creating an account on GitHub.

🤣 Linux Humor

Things we have to do to put food on the table 😆

Linux meme by itsfoss

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