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FOSS Weekly #23.01: New Year, New FOSS, New Distros, Recommended Tools and More Linux Stuff

New year, new FOSS. Here are all things new in 2023.

Happy new year 🎉

What's new in the new year 2023? It's FOSS :)

If you have visited the website, you might have already noticed that it has changed drastically.

We worked on moving the website from WordPress to Ghost during the winter holidays. It was supposed to be your Christmas gift but things took longer than expected.

The new platform provides a lean, clean and faster website. You'll notice the speed boost while browsing the site, especially on mobile devices.

A new commenting system is in place that allows adding images and gifs. The dark theme blends well with your system preference.

More pleasant changes will be added in the coming weeks. I'll create a separate page detailing how you can get more out of your experience with It's FOSS.

Meanwhile, please send me your feedback on the new design, if things are working as expected or if you notice strange behavior.

💬 In this week's issue:

  • New distros to look forward to in 2023
  • Open source tools to explore in 2023
  • Quick LibreOffice tip and sources.list file explanation
  • And more Linux news, tutorial and open source software

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