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Linux Release Roundup #21.01: Planner 2.6, TeXstudio 3.0.2, & More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we summarize the new application and distribution versions release in the last few days. This keeps you informed with the latest developments in the Linux world.

Planner 2.6 Released

Planner is an incredibly intuitive To-do task manager app. With the latest 2.6 release, they have added a new board view, sub-projects, and many new features.

You can learn more about the release in their GitHub page.

Parole Media Player 4.15.0 Released

Xfce’s default media player Parole has a new release – v4.15.0. They have improved the DVD support along with numerous bug fixes with this update.

You can learn more about it in the official blog post.

TeXstudio 3.0.2 Released

TeXstudio is a quite useful LaTeX editor for Linux. The latest release is a major bug-fix update that addresses many issues with the previous version.

You may not find a detailed changelog for the bug-fix release, but you can explore the GitHub releases section.

GIMP 2.99.4 Released

GIMP 2.99.4 as a development release for the upcoming GIMP 3.0 release is finally here. The latest version does not introduce significant changes but fixes and improves many things.

Starting from the widgets to API updates, you can learn more about the release in their official blog post.

Deepin 20.1 Released

Deepin 20.1 is a point release after Deepin 20 which focuses on performance improvements and gesture support.

You can explore more about the release in our original coverage.

4MLinux 35.0 Released

An independent lightweight Linux distro has announced the next stable release (35.0). The new upgrade involves several package updates and few improvements.

You can learn more about the changes in our coverage.

Whisker Menu 2.5 Released

The alternate application launcher for Xfce has a new release that supports Xfce 4.16 with some searching and sorting improvements.

You can explore the changes in our original coverage.

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