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Linux Release Roundup #21.39: GNOME 41, Sailfish OS "Verla", Ubuntu Touch OTA-19 and More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we highlight the new distribution and application version releases in the past week. This keeps you informed of the latest developments in the Linux world.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-19 Released

While the latest release of Ubuntu Touch is still based on Ubuntu 16.04, there have been many bug fixes and important updates to specific phones. These include improvements to the Halium devices, Pixel 3a, the messaging app, and fixes for WiFi, audio, and camera.

You can read our original coverage for more details.

GNOME 41 Released

The most popular desktop environment’s latest release has brought significant features, updates, and under the hood changes. Some major highlights include a refreshed GNOME Software Center, a new Connections app, and additional multitasking options.

Check out our original coverage for relevant details.

GIMP 2.10.28 Released

Gimp’s newest release is more of a bug fix release. It contains performance improvements for macOS Big Sur and numerous bug fixes on Windows. There are also essential fixes for plugins and accessibility issues as well.

You can refer to their official release notes for in-depth details.

Sailfish OS 4.2.0 “Verla” Released

Finnish developer Jolla has announced the latest release of the privacy-focused Sailfish OS. This release contains significant changes to the UI, an improved sharing system, and updates to the browser and camera.

More information about the release is mentioned in the official release notes.

Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Released

You can now get your hands on to test Ubuntu 21.10 with Linux Kernel 5.13 and GNOME 40.

To get started, head to Ubuntu releases portal to download the latest available beta ISO and start testing!

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