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A Free Node.js Course by OpenJS & The Linux Foundation is Now Available

Node.js is an interesting and popular open-source JavaScript runtime which is useful for both front-end and back-end developers familiar with JavaScript.

It’s no surprise that Node.js makes things efficient and faster while giving the ability to develop scalable systems with ease. Personally, I plan to get a head start on Node.js as well after learning Golang.

However, with several free online resources available, what could be potentially a good resource?

That’s tough to know without actually going through the resources yourself. But, fortunately, The Linux Foundation and the OpenJS Foundation (the one behind NodeJS) has announced a new free “Introduction to Node.js” training course on edX learning platform.

Free Introduction to Node.js Online Training Course on edX

With this free course brought you by The Linux Foundation and the OpenJS Foundation, they aim to simplify learning the important fundamentals to required to get started with Node.js.

To describe it officially, they mention:

This course is designed for frontend or backend developers who would like to become more familiar with the fundamentals of Node.js and its most common use cases. Topics covered include how to rapidly build command line tools, mock RESTful JSON APIs and prototype real-time services. You will also discover and use various ecosystem and Node core libraries, and come away understanding common use cases for Node.js.

Even though you can learn more about the training in the edX course page, it must be noted that you can enroll for free to audit the course for 7-weeks.

However, if you want to continue your access or get a certification on the completion of the training, you will need to opt for the paid certification plan for the course.

Looking at the contents of the course, it may not be much, but it should cover the key principles that you should guide you further on your path of learning Node.js. You can click on the button below to head to the course page and get started.

What do you think about this introductory training course offered by the Linux Foundation and the OpenJS Foundation? Feel

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