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FOSS Weekly #22.33: Features of Fedora 37, Ubuntu 22.10, GNOME 43, KDE 5.26, Explaining Linux to Beginners and More

Take a look at the features of the upcoming major releases along with tips of explaining Linux to beginners.

Linux is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are. But once you befriend Linux, you'll have the best friend for life.

Any operating system could be complicated. In Linux, you have the opportunity to take control of the system completely. Right?

Let's see what you've for this week.

💬 In this week's issue:

  • Looking at the future: Not the future, just the features of upcoming major releases
  • News round-up: New releases and development updates from the Linux world
  • Explaining Linux to beginners: It's not as simple but we have resources to help you
  • Other newsletter elements like trivia, memes, deals, etc.
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🗞 Linux News Round-up

Here are some of the highlights of this week

🛍️ Interesting Deals and Offers

Humble Tech Book Bundle: Full Stack Web Development by Springer/Apress
We’ve teamed up with Springer/Apress for our newest bundle. Get books like Pro Angular and Pro Data Visualization Using R and JavaScript. Pay what you want & support charity!

🧠 What We’re Thinking About

Chris Stevens shares his opinion on the ethical hellscape of today's automobile industry and why cars were better designed before the widespread use of computers.

Opinion: Car Design Was Better Before Computers
The ethical hellscape of today’s automobile industry, and why cars were better designed before the widespread use of computers.

The co-creator of Let's Encrypt, Peter Eckersley, lost his battle with cancer at the age of 43. He was also the director of computer science at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has worked on Certbot, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere and many other privacy-related projects. RIP, Peter.

Peter Eckersley, co-creator of Let’s Encrypt, dies at just 43
This site, like millions of others, has a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Farewell, Peter Eckersley, PhD, who helped make it all possible.

🔮Peeking into the upcoming major releases

Fedora 37 and Ubuntu 22.10 are two of the major distributions releasing next month. You may want to know what they are going to offer.

Here’s What’s Coming to Fedora 37
Fedora 37 is due for release next month. Let us take a good look at the changes it brings in.
Ubuntu 22.10: Release Date & New Features - OMG! Ubuntu!
Excited for Ubuntu 22.10? Here’s everything we know about the next major release of Ubuntu, including stable release date and planned new features.

GNOME 43 and KDE 5.26 are also two of the widely used desktop environments releasing this month. Several distributions will be using these two new versions.

8 Exciting New Features in the Upcoming KDE 5.26 Release
KDE Plasma 5.26 is an exciting upcoming update with plenty of useful feature additions. Let’s check it out.
5 GNOME 43 Features to Keep an Eye On
GNOME 43 is around the corner. Here are the features that you should expect with the release.

There are several changes in the Nautilus file manager in upcoming GNOME 43.

6 New Changes Coming to Nautilus File Manager in GNOME 43
We have a few months to go before the GNOME 43 release, but the development activity for GNOME applications is in full swing. For instance, the support for extensions in GNOME Web 43 alpha version. Similarly, there are a few exciting changes coming to GNOME Files (Nautilus), especially for…
Dennis Ritchie, the co-creator of C and UNIX was born on 9th September 1941. A legend of modern computing, Ritchie died in 2011 at 70.

🐧🍼 Explaining Linux to Beginners

What is Linux?

You already know that, don't you?

But what if you have to explain it to someone who has never heard of it? Or to someone who barely understands all the technical mumbo-jumbo?

We have a few articles that will help you help others in understanding the concept of Linux. Like what Linux is, what is a distro, what its advantages are etc.

Start with this one.

Explained! What is Linux ? Why There are 100’s of Linux OS?
Cannot figure out what is Linux and why there are so many of Linux? This analogy explains things in a simpler manner.

Then you may discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of using Linux.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Linux - It’s FOSS
Linux is everywhere and everyone keeps talking about it. And that gives you FOMO. This article will help you decide if Linux is really worth trying.

There are more articles that may interest you:

The entire Linux Jargon Buster series has such explainer articles. I think they could be compiled into a book. What do you think?

📺 What We're Watching

This is a fun, satirical video. Watch it, laugh at it and enjoy it.

🛠️ Application highlights

Love reading Manga? You'll love this app.

Komikku: A Free and Open-Source Manga Reader for Linux - It’s FOSS
Kommiku is a feature-rich manga reader available exclusively for Linux. Try it out!

Sampler is a tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.

GitHub - sqshq/sampler: Tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.
Tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file. - GitHub - sqshq/sampler: Tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configure...

🤣 Linux Humor

Sonic meme for Linux users

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