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Linux Release Roundup #21.12: 7-Zip, Vivaldi Browser 3.7, Audacity 3.0 and More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we summarize the new application and distribution versions release in the last few days. This keeps you informed with the latest developments in the Linux world.

7-Zip Officially Released For Linux [Alpha]

7-Zip is a popular open-source file archiver, it was already available for a variety of other platforms, and now it has made its way to Linux.

For more information you can check our coverage of the same.

KDE Plasma 5.21.3 Released

The popular desktop environment has received a new update in the form of Plasma 5.21.3, with this update a host of improvements are on offer that include improvements to the Plasma System Monitor application, improved support for GTK applications and more.

You can read the official announcement for more information.

pCloud Now Supports OS Backups

pCloud the popular cloud storage solutions provider has announced a new feature called “pCloud Backup”, this allows a user to back up operating systems.

Backups for Linux has been already made available, read our coverage to know more.

KDE Frameworks 5.80 Released

KDE has announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.80, many improvements such as support for HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) and HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) image formats, improved launch speed for Kirigami-based applications and improved support for Wine are on offer.

Read the official announcement for more information.

Vivaldi Browser 3.7 Released

Vivaldi is a popular browser that offers a lightweight package with a focus on performance and a very fast user experience.

Recently, Vivaldi Browser 3.7 was released with improved performance and support for Apple Silicon.

You can read our coverage to know more.

Audacity 3.0 Released

Audacity is a popular cross-platform, open-source, multi-track audio editor, recently the developers announced the release of Audacity 3.0 with more than 160 bug fixes and the introduction of a new project file format.

To know more about this release, read our coverage.

Ghost 4.0 Released

Ghost is an incredible open-source CMS available out there. After almost 18 months of work, Ghost 4.0 is here as a major release.

You can refer to our coverage to know more about it.

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